What a Nonprofit Donation Form Should Look Like in 2021

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Salvatore Salpietro, Fundraise Up

Salvatore joined Fundraise Up after becoming a customer who fell in love with the product. 

Salvatore served as Digital Director in a nonprofit with $50M annual budget and managed their online giving. His prior experience includes co-founding a startup that reached $1M in ARR without venture funding. Sal’s superpower is bridging the gap between the tech and human worlds.

Developers love and respect Sal for his technical expertise as do the customers who appreciate his ability to explain complex tech in human language having been a digital director himself. Sal spends his day educating potential nonprofits about the product, on-boarding customers, and developing and executing technical integration plans. He travels with Peter, Fundraise Up’s CEO,  to conferences, meeting customers, and promoting the product. Sal speaks fluent Italian and Spanish.

Nic Miller, Fundraise Up

As Fundraise Up's marketing director, Nic gets to build with his favorite things: language and design. 

On any day of the week you might find Nic shepherding marketing assets to launch, hosting an episode of Fundraise Up Learning Lab, or powering through conference logistics, aided by at least two espresso shots. When Nic's not at the office, he's zipping around on his road bike, covered in flour in his kitchen, or marching through West Elm on a quest for the next addition to his home's decor.


Salvatore Salpietro,CIONic, Fundraise Up


What a Nonprofit Donation Form Should Look Like in 2021

Giving to good causes should be as easy as buying products from Amazon. And yet, fundraising tech lags behind the rapidly advancing world of e-commerce. Join us to see what a nonprofit donation form should look like in 2021, and how Fundraise Up uses AI, machine learning, and data, to boost conversion, reduce costs, and save time.

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